Hey, welcome!

I’m Krystal Trammell, and I’m so excited you’re here!

I’m a mama of five, a writer, and basically equal parts hippie and nerd.

I am not afraid of the truth (or writing about it!)….and that’s what led me to choose d┼ŹTERRA.

I’ve been into essential oils since my teenagers were toddlers, and I’ve tried a lot of different kinds and learned loads since then.

It is my honor to share my journey with you!

What will you find here?

  • Articles on Essential Oils – I’ve written a lot on essential oils, and my blogs and videos will be arriving here as I can collect them.
  • Events and Classes – I host live online classes every week on my Facebook page. Sign up for my newsletter to catch the next one!
  • Opportunities for Growth – I’ve been an entrepreneur since forever, and I am in love with d┼ŹTERRA’s business model. (WHY? I’ll share soon!)

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