About Me

Who is this chick??

Hey. Love! I’m Krystal Trammell, multipassionate mama + oils educator.

I have five unschooled kids from ages 19 to 6, and I’m totally a hippie at heart.

Me – being extra back in 1984.

In my other lives, I’ve been a doula and childbirth educator. I still offer web design + biz strategy.

I’ve written a couple of viral articles – including one on why I left Young Living.

MY OILS JOURNEY – I started out with grocery store oils back in 2002. I’m a hardcore skeptic so it took me AGES to try The Big Two oil companies.

WELLNESS – We love juicing, herbs, homeopathy, and @MedicalMedium too. I’m a Reiki master and formally trained in the Bach flower essences.

FANDOMS – On a scale of 1-10, I am 9 and 3/4 obsessed with all things Harry Potter.

FOODIE – Oh yes, all the yummy/fresh/homegrown things!! My husband is a kitchen wizard and he’s incredible at whipping up healthy meals. I’m happy to be his sous chef.

HIPPIE CREDENTIALS – I’m definitely addicted to the crystal shop, and we’re wannabe-homesteaders (free-range chickens and all).

BOOKS – Tell me what you’re reading and we’ll be friends. I love self-help, natural health, and Women Who Run With the Wolves.


We live in the Hill Country of Texas, USA, but thanks to the glory of the internet, some of my dearest friends are in Canada, Hawaii, and Australia–just a video-chat away!

I’d love to get to know you better!

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