How to Order Oils

So you’ve decided you need some oily goodness in your life?

Excellent! (I always think of Fred and George Weasley when I say “excellent”)

What’s the best way to get started, you ask?

You’ll want to become a member.

It’s like a Costco membership that lets you buy essential oils at wholesale prices!
There’s nothing weird or scary involved, and no obligations (really!).

Here’s the deets…

If you join dōTERRA by purchasing any of our enrollment kits (starting at $150), you won’t pay a membership fee at all.

After enrollment, it’s only $25 a year to keep your account active–AND you get a free bottle of Peppermint oil (one of the most popular essential oils–a $27 value) as a gift for renewing.


You don’t have to order every month…unless you get all obsessed like the rest of us! (Almost 70% of dōTERRA members order regularly!)

Pretty sweet deal all around, really!

Membership Benefits:

  • Get 25% off retail prices (yay, wholesale!)
  • Discounted shipping options
  • Can earn free products each month
  • No obligation to order regularly
  • No pressure to share the products
  • Opportunity to earn income if you decide to

I’m ready. Let’s do this!

Follow these exact steps to become a dōTERRA member and get these oils + products into your life, STAT!

  1. Click HERE and then choose the Wellness Advocate option.
  2. Select your preferred country and language.
  3. Fill out your information
  4. In the Account Type box, be sure you’ve selected Wellness Advocate to get the most out of your membership.
  5. In the Referral Information area, make sure “I know a dōTERRA member” is selected. It should say Krystal Trammell. IF IT DOESN’T, enter this number  [ 5958708 ]  in the dōTERRA ID box, and my name will appear.

NOW it’s time to choose your enrollment kit – wheeee!

Real talk here – I actually regret not buying a larger kit when I enrolled–! Sounds crazy, but I hear that again and again from dōTERRA members.

The discounts you’ll get on enrollment kits are huge, and you can’t get them again later.

That’s why I recommend the Natural Solutions kit (pictured above)!

It comes with the Lumo diffuser, thirteen of our most popular oils and blends, our superb line of nutritional supplements, body spa and skin care products, items from our DigestZen, DeepBlue, and OnGuard lines–and even a lovely wooden storage box.

The Home Essentials kit is my second favorite option – it also offers ten of our most popular oils and blends, and the Petal diffuser.


Pro tip #1  >>  You can add additional items to your enrollment kit order – AND if you sign up for the Loyalty Rewards program at the same time, you’ll earn reward points back on everything you purchase!

Pro tip #2  >>  If you order the Natural Solutions kit AND sign up for the Loyalty Rewards program, you’ll get fast-tracked to earning 15% back in rewards right away, instead of the beginning 10%.

Pro tip #3  >>  You can also customize your own kit to get exactly the oils you need most. This isn’t the option if you want the most bang for your buck, but it might be a great way to get started. Please message me, and I’ll be happy to help you decide which option is best!


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