This Month’s Special!

Wow, it’s November, with NEW d┼ŹTERRA special offers + Holiday items!

This month is all about sharing the love with family and friends…because when you enroll with an order of 100PV or more, you’ll get an extra 50PV in free product, and so will the person you enroll with!!

Our Product of the month is Clove Essential Oil!

  • Clove is excellent for oral care as well as cardiovascular┬áhealth, and it has powerful antioxidant properties.
  • One drop of clove oil added to coconut or sesame oil for oil pulling can be very beneficial for oral hygiene and detoxing.
  • Emotionally, Clove is the oil of Boundaries and is supportive in learning to heal and let go of victim mentality.

How to get your free bottle of Clove oil?

Just place an order or enroll with 125PV or more between now and November 15th, and it will automatically show up in your cart at no charge.

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Take 10% off DigestZen Softgels in November (US market)! 

Known for its ability to aid digestion, stomach upset, illness, and even motion sickness, DigestZen is especially helpful when taken internally.

It’s a great item to have on hand for those holiday┬ádinners where you’ve definitely eaten too much delicious home cooking!






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